3rd International Virtual Conference in Clinical Communications and Hypnotherapy

11 & 12 de Junho 2022 – Your Mind Matters –


LCCH Asia & LSCCH  | Live Webinar

Fee : Free for members of BSCH, MSCH, AHA, AHCP, NCP & ICP, LSCCH – LCCH Asia Group graduates.

Fee : RM30 / SGD10 for member of the public

(Approx €6 subject to exchange rate fluctuations)

The third international conference explores how clinical communications and hypnotherapy are providing a significant contribution to the global revolution in health care. With sharings from experts who come together from around the world, looking forward to bringing an educational and experiential two-day event that will stimulate and challenge.

Link to the letter from the Principal & Head of Academics of LCCH Asia & LSCCH Group : Letter from Principal & Head of Academics
Link to the programme schedule: Asia Programme Schedule

Speakers will be exploring:

  • The latest advances in the application of hypnotherapy in cancer care
  • The challenges of compliance to nutritional recommendations
  • Bringing hypnotherapy and psychiatry together
  • Hypnosurgery
  • The challenges of creating a hypnotherapy pain unit in a hospital setting
  • Hypnotherapy in palliative care
  • Hypnosis in dentistry
  • The power of breathwork

Speakers will include:

Dr Daniel Radesca (Uruguay)
Dr Raj Jayawardena (Scotland)
Tunku Dr Sara Ahmad Yahya (Malaysia)
Cathy Brown (Australia)

Hoping that members will submit abstracts for presentations and take part in the debates and other activities.

For more information, please reach out to info.conference@lscch.co.uk